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  • 06.03.2017

    Non-collinear Heusler antiferromagnet Pt2MnGa

    Antiferromagnets (AFMs) have attracted increasing attention in state-of-the-art research. Their important role in enhancing the hardness of ferromagnetic electrodes through the exchange-bias effect in microelectronics, has more

  • 06.03.2017

    Magneto-optics of monolayer tungsten disulfide

    Single-layer transition-metal dichalcogenides, such as MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, WSe2, are two-dimensional semiconductors with a honeycomb lattice. read more

  • 06.03.2017

    Broadband spectroscopy at extreme magnetic fields: First results

    Magnetic fields exceeding 100 T can be obtained only by semi-destructive methods. In one approach, the magnetic field is generated by a single-turn coil, which explodes during the pulse leaving the cryostat where the sample more

  • 06.03.2017

    Electrons in flat bands

    Layered materials can realize different stackings of their individual planes, different polytypes, to compose three-dimensional structures. ABA-stacked graphite is the most stable form of graphite at ambient conditions and more

  • 01.02.2017

    Sixteenth issue of EMFLnews released

    The 4th 2016 issue of the "EMFL News" has been released. In this edition, you can read more about our research highlights and developments in the EMFL facilitiesread more

  • 09.12.2016

    25th International Conference on Magnet Technology

    The 25th International Conference on Magnet Technology will take place in 2017 from August 27 to September 1 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The conference organization is a joint effort of the Applied Superconductivity more

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