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Due to the Corona pandemic, this year´s EMFL award ceremony took place less festive as usual. This time, Dr. Zhe Wang, junior group leader at the University of Cologne, had the honor to receive the prize. Due to the unusual circumstances, Jochen Wosnitza, Director of the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory and chair of the prize committee, was forced to hand over the award via mail. Dr. Zhe Wang received the award for his pioneering work in the field of quantum magnetism, in particular for the experimental detection of Bethe strings using terahertz spectroscopy at very high magnetic [...]

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Experimental physicist Jake Ayres, a former PhD student at HFML, has been awarded a two-year fully funded EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship to determine whether the elusive origin of high-temperature superconductivity can come from a newly revealed incoherent variety of electrons. “Using the high fields at the HFML during my PhD, I found signs that there appear to be two ‘varieties’ of electrons in hightemperature superconductors. One type behaves as we would expect ‘normal’ electrons to behave in magnetic fields, but the other variety is very unusual and appears to be incoherent. It’s potentially very exciting because understanding high-temperature [...]

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ARIEs to join forces to face COVID-19 and other viral and microbial threats

Analytical Research Infrastructures of Europe (ARIE)  just released a joint position paper addressing potential viral and microbial threats. This way, the consortium enhances its cross-border, multidisciplinary collaboration to offer Europe a strong and valid weapon against the present COVID-19 challenge and other possible, similar future crises. The ARIEs are centers of scientific and technological excellence, delivering services, data and expertise to a growing and diverse user community of more than 40,000 researchers in academia and industry, across a range of domains: the physical sciences, energy, engineering, the environment and the earth sciences, as well as medicine, health, food [...]

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