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Before your experiment: To-do list

You will find below a TO-DO LIST in order to program your experiment and prepare your stay in the EMFL facilities

After acceptance of your proposal, you will be contacted by the facility but else you are encouraged to contact the facility to make definite appointments for the realization of the proposal and discuss the details of your experiment.

Proposals should be carried out within twelve months of the last deadline. After this period: a RESUBMISSION (if no work has been done) or CONTINUATION PROPOSAL (if work is not completed) is needed.

Every user will be helped by a local contact in charge of facilitating his work at the facility. The local contact is a scientist or an engineer of the laboratory. If you cannot identify your local contact BY CHOOSING AN EXPERIMENT, the laboratory management will appoint a scientist you will be able to contact in order to define the conditions for the organization of your experimental work.

At least 2 weeks before the start of your experiment, you must fill out and submit our online Adminform on the User Portal.

The Admin Form provides the EMFL with the information necessary to prepare the visit of the experimental team.
Please note that the main proposer and all participants on the proposal are listed by default on the Adminform. You must declare only the users present during the experimental session at the facility, and suppress those who will not come. You may also add users to the Adminform.

You will also have to fill out the travel and accommodation information for each participant. Check: arrival/departures dates, accommodation and travel requests.

By submitting the Adminform, it will be sent to the facility’s User support.

All EMFL users are required to perform the EMFL safety training course on line before their arrival on site. The safety training session is available on the User Portal. The Safety Training Course is valid for 1 year.

If you hold a passport from a non-European country, you will probably need a visa.

The Invitation Letter from the EMFL indicating your scheduled magnet time may not be sufficient to obtain a visa.

It is up to each user to check with the nearest consulate or embassy whether a visa is necessary to travel to Europe and, if so, get information on additional documents to provide.

Please inform the user office of the facility as soon as possible if specific documents are needed from us to facilitate your formalities.

We want to stress that there is no support from the EU available anymore.

Therefore, besides from UK and Polish users, who are paying members of the EMFL, only occasional travel and subsistence support may be provided for users. If such a support is necessary, users are requested to contact the facility.

You will find here information about how to get to the facilities and about accommodation.

LNCMI Grenoble

LNCMI Toulouse 

HLD Dresden

HFML Nijmegen

Discuss as soon as possible with your local contact any specific needs to access our support laboratories.

More information

On Site

You will find below useful informations on the website of each facility.
lncmi grenoble
lncmi toulouse
hld dresden
hfml nijmegen

After your Experiment: To-do list

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