--Anne Missiaen

Anne Missiaen

LNCMI Grenoble. I am currently in my first year of PhD at LNCMI in Grenoble under the supervision of David Le Bœuf and Marc-Henri Julien. I passed a master’s degree in fundamental physics at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon. During the first year of my master’s degree, I did an internship in Amalia Coldea’s group at Oxford University, where I really discovered my interest in solid-state physics. Since then, I have been looking for a PhD position in this area. In my PhD work, I study superconducting cuprates in high magnetic fields (both static in Grenoble and pulsed in Toulouse) using both NMR and ultrasound measurements. These two techniques are complementary probes to investigate the highly complex phase diagram of the cuprates and especially hidden magnetic phases. Working at the LNCMI is a great opportunity for me. Indeed, I am acquiring great knowledge on various experimental techniques from the preparation of samples to the operation of pulsed-field magnets. Furthermore, it is enriching to work in a high-field laboratory alongside people with a huge diversity of backgrounds: researchers, engineers, technicians, and students from everywhere in the world.

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