--Caitlin Duffy

Caitlin Duffy

HFML Nijmegen. I started last October with my PhD work in Nijmegen, in the group of Nigel Hussey. My research is focussing on the quantum critical point in thin-film cuprates, in the hope they reveal information that tell us more about high-temperature superconductivity. For part of my PhD, I intend to use high fields and the intense THz laser from the FELIX Laboratory to break Cooper pairs. The combination experiments will be challenging, but I like a challenge.
I studied Physics at the University of St Andrews. For my Masters, I looked into the charge density wave in 1T-TiSe2 and the fabrication of a novel STM sample holder. I like the open atmosphere at HFML and in my group. I haven’t been to the other labs and with the current situation it might take a while, but I would like to visit for example the pulsed-field lab in Toulouse. And hopefully I will meet many EMFL postdocs and PhD students at the EMFL school or hands-on workshop when it is possible again.

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