--Florent Durantel

Florent Durantel

LNCMI – Toulouse.

I joined the LNCMI Toulouse last September, but I am not completely new, as I made a short stay in this laboratory quite a long time ago now! At that time, together with Loic Drigo, we developed a contactless measurement method in pulsed fields, and it was quite nice to see that this method is still used today, with some improvements of course. After that, I have worked for more than 10 years with fast heavy ions at GANIL (Grand Accélérateur National d’Ions Lourds, Caen, France), in the CIMAP (Center of Research on Ions, Materials and Photonics) laboratory, where I was beam coordinator and head of the Interdisciplinary Research Platform, which welcomes a wide range of researchers, from atomic physics, through solid-state physics to biology. I also worked on the design of different particle detectors and on dosimetry methods for radiobiology and carbon hadron therapy. And finally, I have been strongly involved in developments of time-resolved methods for ion-beaminduced luminescence (TR-IBIL). Today, I am delighted to find within EMFL the same atmosphere of large facilities and a strong network rich in collaborations between its laboratories. In my current position, I will continue to work on experiment management and I will continue to focus on instrumental and experimental development. And who knows, one day I may be able to combine intense magnetic fields and ion beams.

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