--Sabrina Palazzese

Sabrina Palazzese

HLD Dresden.

I recently joined the Dresden High Magnetic Fields Laboratory (HLD) as a PhD student. During my diploma studies, I worked at the Low Temperatures Laboratory at the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research where the research is mainly focused on superconductivity in strongly correlated electron systems at very low temperatures and high pressures. In most of these systems, an antiferromagnetic phase arises in the low-temperature limit and under the presence of an external tunable parameter, such as pressure, doping, or magnetic field, this phase can be suppressed giving rise to superconductivity. Since then I have been fascinated by the underlying physics of matter under extreme conditions. This is why I find this opportunity of obtaining my PhD at the HLD very exciting as it would allow me to continue my research interests and being an active member of the scientific community.
Currently, we are studying the magnetic and electronic properties of single crystals of novel ternary rare-earth compounds with special crystalline structure. In order to study these compounds, we perform electrical-transport and magnetization measurements in which we submit our samples to high magnetic fields in a wide temperature range. This represents a challenge not only because of the experiment itself but also because the samples are extremely small and difficult to handle. The results obtained so far are very interesting as we‘ve found many phase transitions and anisotropic magneticbehavior. It goes without saying that the most thrilling part of this investigation is to unravel the physical properties of novel compounds as there is plenty of new exotic phenomena that is not yet understood. For this reason, being part of the EMFL community and getting to meet people from other cultures and background is very important as it provides a different perspective through enriching conversations while stimulating new ideas for scientific research.

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